Invicta Golf Cart Monitors

Wired and Wireless Golf Cart Monitor For Your Lithium Battery

The Invicta Golf Cart monitor is available in wired or wireless options that can work simultaneously with each other and provide accurate data to your smartphone device (via Bluetooth module) or supplied gauge (wired version). Compatible only with the Invicta Lithium Golf Cart batteries, they are easy to install in as little as 5 minutes and connect via a CAN bus communication port directly to the BMS, providing extremely accurate data to the monitor, even when paralleled. They are also IP54-rated for protection from water and dust, so your unit will continue working even if you run into a bit of rain.

  • SNLMBT48V (Bluetooth Module)
  • SNLMSOC48V (Wired)

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Easily Monitor

  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current (Amps)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)*
  • Battery BMS Faults*

*not available on wired SOC gauge

**Only Compatible with Invicta Lithium Golf Cart batteries

Upgrade To A Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Remove your old lead batteries, upgrade to an Invicta 48V Lithium Golf Cart system, and start enjoying the benefits of lithium today. Invicta Lithium utilises inherently safe LiFePO4 cells, BMS protections and provides quicker charging time, faster acceleration, easier braking, and overall more efficiency.

No more water kits are needed! Invicta Lithium requires no maintenance and comes with a 5-year full replacement warranty. Simply charge and go. And with up to 36 holes off a single charge, you’ll be confident you’ll get around the course, even if your handicap isn’t great.

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Easy To Install

Invicta Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are available with a variety of conversion kits for your cart, this includes Club Car, Yamaha, E-Z-GO, ECAR golf carts, and many more. Simply remove your old lead batteries and replace them with an Invicta Lithium Golf Cart system using the supplied instructions. Packages can also include an Invicta Lithium Charger that matches your battery’s voltage to ensure your batteries are operating at their peak.

Also available is a monitoring kit, wired or wireless. You can use the free Invicta Bluetooth App or wired loom and gauge that connects via a CAN bus port for accurate monitoring of the battery’s state of charge and diagnostics.

Available accessories (sold separately or as a package)

  • Matching Invicta Lithium Charger
  • Conversion plug for your golf cart
  • Monitoring device (wired or wireless) click here for more details

** For Club Car models older than 2014, you will need to complete a bypass of the on-board computer (OBC)

Integrated Protections

Integrated into the Invicta Lithium Golf Cart battery is a number of protections to ensure your battery is running smoothly and safely. This includes a Battery Management System with automatic over charge/discharge protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection. An isolation switch which is useful for when you plan to store you cart long periods of time. This switch ensures self-discharge is kept to a minimum, protecting the battery from excessive over-discharge which can cause damage. CAN bus linking for safe management when in a parallel configuration and an IP67 rating that protects the battery from water and dust ingress.