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Unleash the Power of Your Invicta Lithium Batteries with the Invicta Lithium Legion App

Take control of your off-grid adventures and industrial operations with the Invicta Lithium Legion App, your one-stop shop for advanced Lithium battery monitoring. This free app, available on both the Apple and Google Play stores, works seamlessly with your Invicta Lithium (SNLX, SNLMBT Module) batteries and offers limited functionality for SNL batteries. Not compatible with SNLH and SNLSS batteries; see Invicta Hybrid App for these products.

Invicta – The Leading Force in Lithium Battery Solutions

Invicta is a trusted brand for high-performance lithium batteries designed for demanding applications. From powering your 4×4 expeditions to keeping your caravan lights bright or ensuring uninterrupted industrial operations, Invicta Lithium batteries deliver unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Invicta Lithium Legion App: Unparalleled Battery Monitoring

The Invicta Lithium Legion App unlocks the full potential of your Invicta Lithium batteries, providing real-time insights into their health and performance.

Monitor Everything, Anywhere:

  • System & Individual Battery Monitoring: Gain a comprehensive view of your entire battery system, or zoom in on individual batteries for detailed analysis.
  • Real-time Data: Access crucial battery parameters like State of Charge (SOC), voltage, current, capacity, and temperature, alarms, all displayed in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The app connects effortlessly to your Invicta Lithium batteries via Bluetooth, providing convenient monitoring from your smartphone or tablet.

Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips:

  • Enhanced Battery Management: The Invicta Lithium Legion App empowers you to make informed decisions about your battery usage, extending their lifespan and maximizing performance.
  • System Log: The app records any issues for review later.
  • Confidence on the Go: Whether you’re conquering challenging terrains or ensuring smooth industrial operations, the Invicta Lithium Legion App keeps you informed and in control.
  • Connect: Connect to Victron Cerbo GX monitors and get information live to your VRM Portal

Download the Invicta Lithium Legion App Today!

Available for free on the Apple and Google Play stores, the Invicta Lithium Legion App is the perfect companion for anyone who relies on Invicta Lithium batteries. Download it today and experience the next level of battery monitoring!

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