7-year full replacement warranty

IEC quality assured and independently tested

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7-year full replacement warranty
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Invicta lithium


Invicta lithium batteries consist of high-grade prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells which have been independently safety certified and are systematically quality controlled. As an added benefit the LiFePO4 cells also have inherent safety features which include high tolerance to heat and abuse and an integrated Battery Monitoring System (BMS) all of which are critical to the safe operation of the battery.

lithium Bluetooth


Invicta’s Smart BMS automatically protects the battery from overcharge/discharge, over-temperature and short circuit. The BMS has also been engineered for the Australian market and which allows a high discharge rate and Bluetooth monitoring. The free Bluetooth App enables users to conveniently monitor critical information live from their Apple or Android phone, information which can be extremely difficult to obtain by conventional testing.

lithium battery internals


Our batteries come with a 7-year warranty and are designed using only the highest quality components. This includes the use of a robust BMS, aluminium encased prismatic cells, solid busbar connectors and a strengthing frame to reduce movement and damaging vibrations. Invicta can also be placed on its sides without the risk of components coming loose or loss of usable capacity.


Purpose-built for deep-cycle and high-cycle applications, Invicta lithium batteries provide more runtime, less downtime and 2000+ genuine cycles. Users can also significantly lower the weight of their vehicle as Invicta is more than 50% lighter than equivalent AGMs. This is especially useful if you need to reduce your GVM or improve your power-to-weight ratio in weight-sensitive applications such as boats or golf carts.

What our customers say

“For over 12 months, I have been running Invicta primarily as an electric trolling motor in my boats, and I couldn’t be happier. With trips often going for a week at a time I’ve found that my 100Ah battery will usually last the entire trip without needing a charge, which is excellent, especially when I am travelling light for camping. The Bluetooth monitoring allows me to keep an eye on the capacity, giving me greater confidence while on the water.”

Dean Silvester

Champion BASS Angler | Queensland

“Extremely happy with my INVICTA lithium battery and the customer service I received from their technical team. INVICTA is the powerhouse of my expedition vehicle and has been in continuous use for over a year now – powering two fridge freezers, lighting, cookers and even a 12-volt air conditioner. The INVICTA app is an excellent addition and keeps me informed of the systems status via my smartphone. Highly recommend!”

David Spencer

Offroad Adventurer | Queensland

“Here at M&J Auto Electrical, we have been part of the Invicta family right from the beginning. We know first hand the R&D that Invicta put into each product and are confident that every single product can withstand Australia’s unique environment. This gives me peace of mind, our customers are getting only the best batteries that will stand the test of time.”

Mick Johnson

Owner M & J Auto Electrical | Queensland

“From a business view, we have been extremely satisfied with Invicta’s sales support and technical training, with the addition of their 7-year warranty, it has provided our customers with the same high level of confidence we have in the product. Invicta batteries have far exceeded my expectations and are a great company with excellent support staff and products.”

Mark Pearson

Director at ARB Capalaba | Queensland

“Here at Bathurst Batteries, we don’t just sell Invicta Lithium. We use them in our own camping setups, with confidence! You can tell straight away that a lot of thought has gone into the product and our customers always leave knowing that they have got a top-performing battery that is of the highest quality and construction that will last for years to come.”

Michael Harper

Owner at Bathurst Batteries | New South Wales
lithium battery internals

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