A number of accessories are available for Invicta lithium batteries through Invicta and our our network of resellers and installers.

This inludes;

  • Free Bluetooth monitoring application (BT range only)
  • Invicta Battery Boxes
  • Invicta Recommended Battery Chargers
Invicta Legion

Invicta Legion Bluetooth

Take control of your off-grid adventures and industrial operations with the Invicta Lithium Legion App

golf cart monitor invicta lithium

Invicta Golf Cart Monitors

The Invicta Golf Cart monitor is available in wired or wireless options that can work simultaneously with each other and provide accurate data to your smartphone device (via Bluetooth Module) or supplied gauge (wired version).

Invicta hybrid Bluetooth

Invicta Hybrid Bluetooth Monitoring Application

All Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries are able to connect to the Invicta Hybrid lithium Bluetooth monitoring app. Available for free on the Apple and Google Play stores it allows users to easily and conveniently access the performance data of their desired Invicta Hybrid battery.

lithium chargers

Invicta Lithium Chargers

Invicta has extensively tested a number of chargers to ensure you have the best experience possible when using your battery.

lithium Bluetooth

Invicta Lithium Bluetooth Monitoring Application

The BT range of Invicta batteries allows the user to conveniently monitor the status of the battery via a free application which is available on Apple and Android devices. This can be especially useful if the battery is placed in a hard to reach spot such as a battery box or behind a seat.

Invicta Battery Trays

A range of battery trays and boxes have been developed by our extensive network of battery resellers and includes boxes for our slimline and standard AGM sizes.