Invicta Lithium Batteries

Australia’s most powerful under-bonnet lithium!

Due to its heat-resistant technology, the Invicta Hybrid Starter battery is a dual-purpose under-bonnet lithium starting and deep-cycle solution that can withstand high-heat environments. Utilising premium A123 pouch cells used by Mercedes and BMW, it can output over 1400CCA depending on the product. As an added feature, a backup Jump Start function has been added so users can be confident that they will be able to run their 12V accessories without sacrificing starting ability.

These particular pouch cells have been specifically selected due to their inherent ability to be discharged and charged at a high rate. This gives installers flexibility as it can be charged directly from the applications alternator. The SNLMAX is so powerful it can even power a 4WD winch.

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Now With Bluetooth Monitoring!

Available on all Invicta Hybrid batteries, new or old.

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Invicta Hybrid Starter Features

  • 3-year full replacement warranty
  • Bluetooth monitoring
  • Under-bonnet lithium battery replacement
  • Lightweight LiFePO4 chemistry
  • Engineered BMS for high continuous charge/discharge
  • Pouch cell design for discharge and charging flexibility
  • Jumpstart feature
  • High CCA capabilities
  • Charge directly from the alternator
  • Standard automotive case sizes
  • Heat resistant technology for high-heat applications
  • IP 56 Rated
  • IEC Certified

What is an under-bonnet lithium?

An under-bonnet lithium battery, like the Invicta Hybrid, can be placed in high heat environments that also require cranking or starting abilities. These are perfect for 4×4 and marine applications where the battery is placed in a tight and inaccessible area. Our batteries fit in to most 4×4 vehicle, our fitment guide outlines which ones can be dropped in or might require a small modification.