Invicta Hybrid Bluetooth Monitoring Application

Easily check the performance of your Invicta Hybrid battery

All Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries can be connected to the Invicta Hybrid lithium Bluetooth monitoring app. Available for free at the Apple and Google Play stores, it allows users to easily and conveniently access the performance data of their desired Invicta Hybrid battery.

In addition, the app can also be used to activate the Jump-Start feature without the need to access the battery physically.  A handy feature that eliminates the need to pop the hood of your vehicle or if the battery is located in a hard-to-reach location. To activate the Jump-Start feature, simply open the app and it will automatically prompt you to Jump-Start or charge the battery. Follow the directions, and you will be up and running in no time.


  • Activate Jump-Start feature (not available on the Super Slim range)
  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current (Amps)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)
  • Battery State of Health (SOH)
  • Battery Status
  • Battery Temperature
  • Compatible with all Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries

*(SNLHMAX, SNLHMAXL, SNLHLN4MAX) Due to the dual BMS, the current needs to be multiplied by 2 for an accurate reading.

**not compatible with Invicta Deep-Cycle batteries, click here to view the Invicta Lithium Bluetooth app

Also Connect To The Invicta Super Slim

Our Invicta Super Slims also utilise the Invicta Hybrid lithium Bluetooth monitoring app to connect to the BMS. With the Hybrid app you can see all the critical information that you need, but without the functionality of the Jump Start feature. Simply download via the Apple or Google Play store and view SOC, temperature, current, volts, and any active protections.