Invicta Lithium Chargers

Top Performing Chargers Tested By Us

Invicta has extensively tested a number of chargers to ensure you have the best experience possible when using your battery. We highly recommend the use of our own Invicta lithium chargers and BMPRO chargers when designing a system and although there may be a number of other suitable chargers, the Invicta and BMPRO have been tested by our team and are proven to produce the most efficient and effective charge for our batteries.

Before using another brand of charger check that the specification sheet of the charger matches that of the battery you intend to use. Some AGM chargers can also be used with Invicta however we always recommend and only warrant the battery if you use a charger with a Lithium profile. If you have any doubts please contact our technical team.

Invicta Lithium Charger

Invicta lithium chargers are a purpose-built device specifically designed to match the Invicta charge profile and are available in 12V40A, 24V20A, 36V20A and 48V18A models. Complete with an easy to read LCD display and battery ‘Wake-Up’ features the Invicta lithium charger is a must for anyone looking to easily maintain their Invicta battery.

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Features And Benefits

  • Lithium profile
  • 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V models
  • Automatic ‘Wake-Up’ feature
  • Australian Certified
  • Invicta recommended charger
  • Convenient back-lit LCD display
  • Fan-driven cooling system
  • Light-weight and sturdy case
  • 12-month warranty

Other Chargers We Recommend

  • BMPRO BatteryCharge4
  • BMPRO Battery Charge7.5
  • BMPRO BatteryCharge15
  • BMPRO BatteryCharge25
  • BMPRO MiniBoostPro
  • Redarc 12V SmartCharge AC 4/6/8/10A
  • Redarc 24V SmartCharge AC
  • Redarc 12V & 24V BCDC Range

Check with your nearest reseller or installer for availability and prices

*Most chargers that have a lithium profile are suitable for Invicta. Always check the charger and battery specifications match to confirm suitability.