A New Invicta Range Is Here – Invicta Hybrid Starter

Sealed Performance Batteries and Invicta are proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated Invicta Hybrid Starter battery. The Invicta Hybrid Starter range will feature the core benefits of lithium, reliability of the Invicta brand and powerful starting/cranking capabilities.

Australian owned and backed by over 25 years of knowledge, the Invicta Hybrid Starter has undergone more than two years of pre-release development and will fulfil a role in applications that require both starting and deep-cycle power. Although the battery features a range of components that differ from the original Invicta Lithium range, which is more suited to deep-cycling, the same attention to design has been applied to produce a safe, smart, robust and efficient product that users can be confident in.

The Invicta Hybrid Starter is in addition to the Invicta Lithium series and is best suited to those applications that need a dual-purpose solution for starting and deep cycling. Built for purpose, it will feature a pouch cell construction, engineered BMS, heat resistant technology and jumpstart feature, and all backed by a three-year full replacement warranty.

“The Invicta Hybrid Starter will be an absolute game-changer for the Invicta brand. We have sourced only the best possible components for this product so customers can be confident that they are receiving the same level of quality as they get in the Invicta Lithium batteries,” said Greg Roberts, Managing Director at SPB.

Its premium pouch-cell construction features the same cells used in Mercedes and BMW vehicles and is managed by a specially engineered BMS with a broader parameter set. This allows the battery to be connected directly to the alternator and deliver high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). In the SNLHMAX range, it registered over 1400CCA and 800A of continuous discharge, enough to power a winch on a 4WD, and was so high it almost broke the equipment it was being tested on. This ability to withstand a high discharge and charge rate is integral for a battery used in starting applications and gives installers flexibility regarding fitment and users confidence that their battery will start their application.

In addition, the Invicta Hybrid Starter range is also suitable for applications that expose the battery to high heat by incorporating heat resistant technology in the case design and BMS. This includes specially designed thermal protection layers and broader BMS parameters allowing the battery to be installed under-bonnet. A requirement that many customers have been asking since the release of the original Invicta Lithium battery.

This level of performance does come with one drawback. The battery’s life is shortened because of its exposure to high heat and high charge and discharge rate. This is why the Invicta Hybrid Starter features a three-year full replacement warranty and not seven years, unlike the original Invicta Lithium batteries, which should not be placed in high-heat and starting applications. Although this level of warranty is much smaller than our original Invicta Lithium range, it’s still considered a premium level of cover for a battery of this type and, in some cases, is more than the lower cost non-starting lithium batteries.

Ryan Hammond, Director at SPB, said, “We are really excited about this product, and there has been a massive demand for a battery that can do the tasks that are asked of it. However, it is important to note that this battery won’t be for every application. We still recommend the original Invicta lithium series for deep cycle applications where starting is not a requirement.”

Other range features include an easy to use jumpstart feature, IP56 rating and availability in standard automotive case sizes for easy replacement of equivalent lead-acid batteries. The jump start feature is fantastic and won’t leave you high and dry if you accidentally use all your main capacity to power your fridge or boat sounder. If you use all your main capacity, simply press a button on the top of the battery to “Jump Start” the engine. This feature is possible because the BMS automatically reserves a small amount of capacity.

Overall the new Invicta Hybrid Starter is a feature-rich dual-purpose battery that can manage a high rate of discharge/charge in applications that could expose the battery to high heat. Some scenarios this would be perfect in is a boat that needs the power to start the engine and run electronic accessories or a 4WD vehicle that wants to replace their starting battery and run their fridge or power a winch.

It is important to remember that if the application is larger, off-grid in nature or primarily deep-cycling, it is recommended that the original Invicta Lithium range be utilised. This range offers 12V – 48V options from 12Ah – 300ah in single battery solutions, Bluetooth technology and a  seven-year full replacement warranty.

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